One of the most beautiful melodies of the classical guitar repertoire is certainly is the “Julia Florida” of Agustin Barrios.

Paraguayan composer and guitarist, Barrios is today an important name in the guitar universe, being interpreted and remembered by the most renowned guitarists.

Julia Martinez de Rodrigues was a guitar student of Agustin Barrios, and niece of Francisco Salazar, a guitar lover, artist and great friend of the composer. The work was written in Costa Rica, in 1938, while Barrios was recovering from an illness, and lived in a house that had been won by Salazar. “Julia Florida” gets this name, due to the speed with which the young teenager “blossomed”, becoming a beautiful woman.

To the rhythm of Barcarolla (folk music sung by the gondolier from Venice), this magnificent work makes us travel through the waves, sending us to an explosion of feelings.

Prepare a cup of coffee and enjoy with the same obsession that Agustin Barrios felt for Julia Martinez.

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